Tacitus Vox is an energetic, youth advocate roaming the wilds of the internet with nothing more than his poor wit and curiosity to guard him.  The son of a pastor, Vox grew up in the church and became a Christian at an early age.  Determined to avoid the calling of his father and his father’s father, Vox launched himself with wild abandon into the world of the liberal arts and pursued a degree in English and Writing (any failure in syntax should be assigned to Vox as a poor student and not be reflected on his esteemed professors).  In the final year of college, Vox found himself clubbed over the head and dragged, senseless, into youth ministry, where he has dwelt happily since.  But, as he is wont to do, Vox became dissatisfied with the slow trickle of learning he found in seminars, conferences, and blogs and plunged once more into academia.  Vox is currently a Masters of Divinity student in seminary, where he has fallen more in love with the Bible and the tradition of the church than he believed he could or, in truth, knows what to do with.

Vox is primarily concerned with social injustice and the role he believes the church should play in establishing and welcoming all people into community.  As such, Vox is given to long-winded ramblings on a variety of topics to friends, family members, strangers at the grocery store, and any animal that wanders into his yard.

Vox is happily married and in the process of adopting their first child.  Mrs Vox is a wonderful woman who manages to handle the pressures of being married to a youth worker all the while tolerating Vox, his ever growing book collection, and his tendency to forget about things like eating or ironing one’s shirt.  Vox would be lost without his wife’s loving support and strength.


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